“Jesper of First Cellars, a Shanghai-based online wine-selling platform also feels this way. The adoption of Alipay not only helps First Cellars cut costs but also saves them trouble while handling payments for local events where cash is seldom used. ”

I was recently interviewed by Alipay, the biggest payment provider in China owned by Alibaba, as part of a talk with foreigners doing online business in China.

I’m one of four owners of an online wine store in Shanghai, firstcellars.com. We focus on selling good value, high quality wine, beer and champagne in a growing market. The market might be immature when it comes to wine knowledge, but Chinese consumers are now moving away from cheap Bordeaux wine with a high price tag and instead venturing into the New World of wines. On the contrary the market is very modern and adaptable when we talk about e-commerce. More than 60% of our customers will user their mobile phone when browsing the website and placing an order.

Alipay and Wechat are the two big players in online payments where WeChat is rapidly growing, much thanks to its close to 900 million MAU (monthly active users). The entire third party payments market had a total transaction value of RMB 12.8 trillion in Q4 2016, up 41.7% QoQ, and 126% YoY.

The article was then shared by Alipay and many news outlets picked it up, mostly Chinese.

Here is a shorter article in English.