Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, founded in 1952, is a famous institution in Shanghai and China. With a solid foundation as a celebrated national orchestra they have in recent years made it their mission to promote the innovative development of Chinese music. With new ideas of what Chinese classical music can be, as well as influences of contemporary and international expressions, they’ve become the first large-scale modern Chinese orchestra in China.

We were tasked to build a new, multilingual website for both their foreign and local audiences. Built on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce, the visitor can read about all their concerts, see the monthly schedule, buy tickets with Alipay and WechatPay, with support for VIP card discounts, coupon codes and much more. But it’s also a place to learn more about Chinese music, visit the pages of the 100+ musicians and their common or odd instruments like erhu, pipa, suona or Chinese bamboo flute, following the four parts of the orchestra; bowed string, plucked string, wind, and percussion.